Warehouse 21 is a local youth center in Santa Fe, New Mexico with the goal of positive action in mind. A place where inspired artists can work together to create positive change in their community. There are many programs and opportunities offered, such as performance space, silk-screening, fashion design, art exhibits, dance, recording, and being a part of local radio shows. In work with Warehouse 21 & Ground Zero Radio Project, have come 4 radio shows featuring interludes of the musical works of SOUL Productions. Each show covers a variety of topics and features many different local artists and groups.

101.1 KSFR - Radio-Ground Zero 12-4-13 part A
101.1 KSFR - Radio-Ground Zero 12-4-13 part B
101.1 KSFR - Radio-Ground Zero 2-19-14 part A
101.1 KSFR - Radio-Ground Zero 2-19-14 part B
101.1 KSFR - Radio -New Mexico Hip-Hop Hour 3-9-14

Audio Revolution atYouth Media Project is a program for youth between the ages of 13 and 22. It focus on expressing both musical art and spoken word. Each show covers topics such as discrimination, sexism, politics, and much more. Through the efforts of the production team, 3 shows have been aired by KSFR in 2013 alone. Check out some of our work below!

Growth and Personal Development

In this show Growth and Personal Development are the main topic covered. Everything from spirituality to finical issues. Many aspects of life help shape and effect our personal development so tune in for some of life’s greatest secrets.

Growth and Personal Development


Media and Technology

This show covers the topics of how media and technology effect everyone in society and the positive and negative effects of all different medians of communication and technology.