How do we record?

Recording always presents a variety of different circumstances to any artist. For this reason we come prepared for any circumstance, whether it is working off of a DAW or Pro-tools 11. Much of the time we create songs from scratch or piece together old projects. Location is not an issue. Whether you are working from your garage, home living room, or the park, we have you covered. Our Equipment allows up to 8 tracks of recording at at a time, so if you have a band, no problem. From hip-hop to trance to heavy metal to classical SOUL Productions offers the best mobile & collaborative recording you can get.

Services & Examples

Recording services include, vocal recording, instrumental recording, mixing, mastering, editing, over-dubbing, and collaborative musical composition.

Live Jazz Recording
Hip-Hop & Vocal
Garage Band (pre-mix)
Vocals & Drums
Electronic Vocals
Chorus Vocals


Please Contact SOUL Productions if you are interested in recording, or getting started on your next big project.

Pricing is variable depending on the project and time.